Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nothing to do here.

          Apparently I have a blog.
          I discovered this yesterday when I decided to go to Blogspot’s homepage and found myself staring instead at my own Google+ account.  I don’t know when the two merged, but I guess it means that I have a blog which I have been neglecting ever since I got a Google+ account, and I don’t know how long that’s been because I’ve never actually used Google+, and if I know anybody who has used Google+ they certainly haven’t told me about it. 
          Honestly, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now but I’ve never done it partly because it’s a hard thing to just start doing out of nowhere.  The rest of it has to do with the fact that anytime I think of something that I might want to put in it I am nowhere near any type of recording device, and when I finally am, the last thing on my mind is blogging.  Or, at least, it’s very near to the last thing on my mind.  I made a to-do list yesterday (sometime after my blog-having discovery); Item number 4 was “Make a blog post” and item number 5 was “Contemplate Universe,” so I guess it’s at least a close second.  It may be worth pointing out that one item that never made it to the to-do list was “Pay bills, idiot,” which I ended up doing anyway, and I never did contemplate the universe. 
          My main worry about blogging (aside from the fact that “blogging” is really a pretty stupid-sounding word) is that anything I produce will turn into a rambling mess.  I was especially worried about this with regards to any inaugural post I might make, but so far it’s not nearly as bad as I feared it would be (I was also hoping to make it devoid of self-reference, but nothing’s perfect).  To avoid this problem, I’ll need some sort of focus aside from just “write something, it’ll be cathartic, I swear” so here’s a picture of something I did the other day.

This came about because a friend of mine put that up as his facebook status, and I thought it was a very inspiring and motivational statement, so I told him I was going to put it on a poster and hang it in my room.  And then I did it and took a picture so he could see that I was serious.  I told my fiancĂ©e about it over lunch.  When she came home, she said it wasn’t quite what she had been expecting, yet it was exactly what she would have expected.         
          “That doesn’t make any sense,” I said.                
          “I know it doesn’t, but it’s true,” she replied.  “I can’t explain it, but it’s true.”                
          Maybe it’s not the best story, but it’s something.  If nothing else, it’ll motivate me to bring my camera with me wherever I go so that when I have more interesting misadventures (which I know I will), I’ll be able to capture them, write about them, and subsequently share them with anyone who’s willing to listen.  Honestly, I think that’s what I’ve wanted to do with this all along.  Thanks for reading.