Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm not dead yet... (I'm gettin' better)

I hate making update posts like these.  If I was making enough worthwhile material, I wouldn't have to take time to explain myself.  But the truth is, noveling is taking up most of my energy for writing, and planning a wedding while trying to do everything else I need to do to survive is taking up the rest of it. 

Well... mostly.  The other night I spent writing a short story.  It was one of those occasions where I felt inspired during the day and managed to nurture it well into the night, and actually managed to churn out something I'm halfway proud of.  I literally can't remember the last time that happened.  Once I'm done with the editing and get the thing illustrated by one of the artists in my virtual rolodex (who hopefully haven't a) forgotten about me or b) totally hate me for leaving them hanging for so long), I'm going to be uploading it here. 

I have been working on some other stuff, too... The Beating Of Her Luminous Wings is, of course, still in the works.  Everybody seems to like that one well enough that I couldn't scrap it even if I wanted to (which I don't, so I guess that works out pretty well).  I've also been working on a shorter serial, a sci-fi story that takes place in the same universe as the novel I'm working on.  It'll probably only be three episodes or so, but I think it'll be fun.  The only thing I haven't been working on is eM:I-elle...

The thing about eM:I-elle is that it's actually incredibly difficult to write.  That's not to say that I'm giving up on it... I still love the story and want to see it to its completion.  However, that poetic and nonsensical style of writing takes a lot of time and energy, and I currently don't have the time and energy to give it the attention that it deserves.  That's why I'm putting eM:I-elle on indefinite hiatus.  Once things calm down (y'know, once I'm not planning a wedding and rushing to finish the biggest writing project I've ever undertaken), I'll start working on it again.  Until then you'll have to settle for Cosmia and a few others.  And of course, stay tuned for "The Ones Who Wait."

Thanks for your patience, and as always, thanks for reading!