Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Holy Gosh, it's actually happening!

What's actually happening, you may ask? 


Anna finally sent me the artwork I commissioned her to do for the pilot episode of that story I've been talking about near-incessantly for the past few months (or maybe it was just vaguely mentioned a few times, I'm not actually sure).  Anyway, this means that I'll finally be able to put it up here for all of you fine folks to see, and also onto which you should totally check out.  This will all be happening in the next couple days; since I can finally move forward on this project that means everything else will come temporarily screeching to a halt while I figure out a few straggly copyright things and put the finishing touches on the second episode (a phrase which here means "completely rewrite the second episode because it's awful"). 

So yeah.  This is happening.

I'm excited.

Can you tell?