Monday, May 5, 2014

News Update!

Finally found some time to post, and hopefully explain why I've been so doggone silent for the past month or so.  Mostly...

 WE HAVE A HOUSE NOW!  Depending on which circle-of-people-I-know you are in, you may already know that we have been living here for about a month and we've been stupidly busy getting everything situated.  We're mostly comfortably moved in, but there's still quite a bit to do... for instance, here's what my basement office looks like:

Fortunately, most of the house does not look like this anymore.  Most of it.  We've been cleaning and organizing for the better part of the last four weeks or so, followed by some quick ferret-proofing (there was a hole under the dishwasher that Riceboy had to be lured out of with raisins), and then more unpacking after we nearly cleaned out our storage space.  It looks like some of the unpacking may never be finished, but we are making progress, however slowly.  And then about a week or two ago, we went down to Lollipop Farm and decided to add this little bugger to the family:


Her name is Buttercup and she's about four years old.  She's half dachsund, half jack russel, and 100% nerve ball, but surprisingly well-behaved.  We're still working on discovering all the different things that scare the snot out of her for no reason (a bag of twizzlers is the most recent entry to that category), but she no longer needs to be restrained when the ferrets are out, so I have a feeling the rest will be pretty easy.  

In other news, I have been writing plenty lately, and with Anna's graduation coming up, the release date for the first episode of eM-I:elle, A Techno Fairy Tale will be fast approaching.  Once I finally finish a short story or two I will be seeking publication in various literary magazines which means I probably won't be allowed to post said stories here for a while, but I will probably be providing links to where they will be posted, provided any of them get accepted.  I will continue to put older stories here for your enjoyment (I'll probably start doing that in a day or so), and I've amassed plenty of fodder for my Mystery CD reviews, which I will be breathing new life into shortly.  

And now for something completely different... 
I've never considered myself much of a salesman and as a direct result I've never really tried plugging anything, but that's also because I rarely come across things I feel the need to plug.  

This has changed.

See, there's this wonderful website called that I recently became a contributor for.  Basically, it's a place where writers can publish their works and get paid based on how many people read them.  It's a relatively new site... they've been up and running for maybe two months, but there's already tons of material available in a very wide variety.  Right now I only have one of my stories on there (Miserable Clowne Man), but I will be adding more soon.  

Since it's already available for free on my blog (this one), Miserable Clowne Man is free for everyone to read along with plenty of other great material on the site.  However, there is even more to read available for a small monthly subscription fee.  There is a free trial period of two weeks in case you're not sure, but the fee is super inexpensive anyway.  It's about half as much as a Netflix subscription with the added bonus that you'll be expanding your mind with reading instead of rotting it away watching TV!  I got one myself and so far I'm very happy with it.  

So if you're into reading (and maybe want to do the bare minimum in supporting my questionable long-term career choice), go on and check out Inkbok, and if you like it, consider subscribing!  Even if you don't like it, odds are you know someone who would.  Getting the word out helps people like me, and doesn't cost a thing.  We will be eternally grateful!

Well there, that wasn't so bad!

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