Monday, July 21, 2014


A vessel

Of glass molded or cut
makes shapes out of water
or tomato sauce or jelly before it hardens and keeps
what shape it takes in the freezer
Or pickles
bumping together in emerald juice and glass walls
A rainbow in the pantry of purples, reds,
greens and browns, there are so many colors
for glass

Molded or cut with seams or edges
etched out in measuring marks and names and sizes,
Ball, Mason, Quart, One Cup, Two Cups, Three...

With a *clink* and grind-snap pwok and now you have
tomato sauce or jelly hardened in the freezer
Or pickles
Antique foods with sauces and brines,
skinless pears in sugary juice, a yellow ambrosia
that melts on your tongue or parts in your teeth,
sauerkraut salty and vinegar-sweet,
base of spaghetti, sans noodles and meat
Or just pickles
crunching with savory emerald green
And all these things would have turned and molded and rotted away
were it not for this glass

Molded or cut,
standing empty, rinsed sparkling clean
Edges catch light and distort what's behind,
little rainbows in edges etched out into measuring marks and names,
and now you've got something to drink your pink lemonade from.

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  1. All those jars look familiar! (as do their contents) :)