Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Call for Artists!

I need to do this before I forget again.

First off, a brief introduction for those of you who haven't been here before.  Welcome to "Stuff and Nonsense," a little blog dedicated to fanciful stories, silly bits of verse, and odd ventures written by yours truly.  I aim to find humor and beauty in life and post what I can find here.  

I've decided to start doing a "featured artist" type thing here with my serial stories (plural because yes, there's another one coming).  Up until now the illustrations for my current serial, "Emielle: A Techno Fairy Tale" have been done by my sister Anna and while that's all well and good, she is not only incredibly busy but is also shipping out to Ireland at the end of the month and will probably be even moreso after that point.  Also, I'd like to connect with and share some fresh talent so I'm sending out a call for any visual artists who might be interested in having their work featured here on "Stuff and Nonsense." 

So here's where we get to the important part-

Applying to have your work featured is simple:

-Email me a quick note explaining who you are, what you're all about, and how you found this post. 
-Please make the subject line read "S&N Art Thingie,"
-Include your portfolio or other-type collection of work you've done before.  A link to an online source is preferred, but I'll accept 5-10 attachments if you have no other alternative. 
-A new featured artist will be selected every month and applications do carry over, so if you're not selected for this month, you very well might be next month.  Yay!
-Lastly, spread the word!  If you know anyone who might be interested, by all means let them know.  I'd like to feature as many of you as I can, and I can only do that if you let me know you're out there!

Once you are selected, here is what's going to be expected of you:

-All work submitted needs to be in .jpg format, no smaller than 552x415 pixels and no bigger than 2197x2746 pixels.  All work must be in digital format (if you mail me something I won't be able to upload it to the blog, and I'll also be wondering how you got my mailing address).
-For each assignment I'll need either three spot illustrations or two spots and one big illustration, depending on the story/episode being illustrated.  I'll let you know which it'll be when I send you your assignment. 
-As for content, I'd like the illustrations to stay representative of the story and they must at the very least be loosely inspired by the story/episode's content.  The medium and style, however, is up to you. 
-Work should be completed one month from the time assigned.  If you want to run a sketch or first draft by me, this should be done well before the one-month mark.

Benefits of seizing this wonderful opportunity include:

-Exposure!  If you illustrate for me, your audience is likely to expand by a few-- nay, several people!  Any illustrations I put on here will be credited to you and posted along with any contact information and/or links to your own blogs/web sites/online portfolios/whatever you are willing to provide me with.  As a starving artist myself, I know how much it sucks to work solely for exposure, and I'd like to give you some other form of compensation for your efforts, so...

-Multiple dollars!  Seriously, more than just one!  I can't offer too too much because this blog is a labor of love with no profit margin.  However, I am willing to pay $75 dollars per assignment completed.  This will be mailed to you in check form upon completion/delivery of the artwork.  (I'd like to stick to snail mail but if, and only if, that is absolutely impossible for you (like if you live in the arctic or something, in which case, how do you have an internet connection?) then we can work something else out.)

And that's... about it, really!  This is still only a fledgeling blog with limited readership, but I'm hoping this will be a step toward changing that.  As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi! I see this post is quite old, but if you're still looking for people who illustrate things, I am one of them. You can check out my stuff on my Tumblr (which I think is linked in my name on this comment?) and a more formal portfolio on Behance ( ), if you'd like to work together my email is Thanks!